We design, produce and deliver brand content across all channels, using the best tools and workflow processes. The result? Seamless global brand execution across all markets without compromising creative quality. We call this brand logistics™, our new vision for a new marketplace.

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Cross-media production

With new channels of communication emerging daily and the media landscape growing more complex, your brand needs a production partner that works in any media.

At Prodigious, we integrate a wide range of disciplines from design, digital and print to video production.

And we ceaselessly invest to further increase our skills and keep a step-ahead of our clients' demands – enabling us to execute creative ideas across all channels.

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Global delivery

We can help you manage the quality and consistency of your brand on a global scale, using seamless processes and skills across all markets.

We are an international production agency present in 20 locations across the world including offshore platforms in Costa Rica, Colombia, Mauritius and Romania.

Our global network boasts 1,600 professionals skilled in design, content creation, multi-channel production and brand management systems.

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Smart technology

At Prodigious, we believe and invest in technology to improve efficiency, consistency and control of your brand projects across all marketing activities.

Thanks to Market Forward, our specialist company, we offer scalable web-based solutions that include creative asset management, online approval and project management, real-time dashboard or Automated publishing.

Our range of services provide consultation, process re-engineering, implementation strategies, change and quality management.

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Process and cost optimization

With increased focus on Marketing and Procurement departments to demonstrate a measurable return on investment, every marketer is looking for ways to do more with less.

At Prodigious, we deliver real-time process transparency and innovative approaches to marketing campaign production and execution. We use proprietary web-based tools, on- and off-shore production facilities and proven processes to enable real cost savings.

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Uncompromised creativity

With markets becoming global, competition soars and creativity has never been more vital to stand in a crowd and renew customer engagement.

At Prodigious, we understand efficiency, consistency and responsiveness cannot be at the expense of creativity.

We work with some of the most demanding brands and creative agencies and integrate truly creative skills in design, content production across all media and talent buying to ensure creative concepts are delivered to the highest creative standards.

We are no stranger to some the world’s most recognized awards.

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Design - Creative Content Production - Multi-channel Adaptation - Brand Management Systems

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Case studies

See how we have won the trust of clients such as Citi, Coca-Cola, Cartier, Renault
or Sanofi.

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Our network

Skilled professionals and specialist brands in New York, San José, Paris, Frankfurt and more...

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